Founders Sing is a collective of songwriters, performers and artists
who are committed to using our talents in the service of love, peace and positive political activism. 

In February of 2020, while witnessing the spineless Senate’s acquittal of the Criminal In Chief, we spontaneously leaped into action, channeling our outrage (and a bit of humor) into The Day Democracy Died,” an animated parody of Don McLean’s “American Pie.”

To our amazement, the video took off like a rocket, quickly garnering millions of views. After recovering from the shock, we followed it up with another parody, and another… then we threw some original songs into the mix as well. Lo and behold, 30-plus videos later, a peaceful army of enthusiastic supporters all over the planet is singing along with us!

The word “gratitude” can’t begin to express our appreciation for this beautiful community, many of whom comment and interact with respect and humor. Yeah, a few Haters have crawled outta the woodwork — usually with spelling issues — but their numbers are dwarfed by the Lovers. We feel this bodes well for our collective future!

We just created a brand-new DONATION PLATFORM as suggested by some kind-hearted supporters. Ideally, this will enable us to devote ourselves to Founders Sing full-time. The rewards for the various tiers are pretty cool if you ask us!

We also invite you to Subscribe, Buy Merch, and Comment. Thank you so much for visiting, and we look forward to being in touch,

~ Founders Sing