Welcome to our brand-new Donation Platform,
and thanks a zillion in advance for your generosity!

The members of Founders Sing are 100% committed to creating videos and music that speak to what Lincoln called our “better angels.” Together with you, we stand for the miraculous healing power of love, peace, harmony… and laughter. That, plus we firmly believe we’re on the right side of history!

We’ve dreamed up some pretty cool rewards for each donation tier, which you can check out below.

Please note: some rewards will arrive within days, whereas mega-rewards like the personalized, animated Shout-Out require a minimum of 3 monthly donations.

$5 Per Month — Founder-Fans:
Sneak Peek of upcoming content before each video release; 20% off coupon on all Founders Sing merchandise.

$10 Per Month — Dedicated Followers of Founders:
All the above plus Your Name listed on the Supporter Spotlight Page.

$25 Per Month — Founders Fan-atics:
All the above plus a Downloadable Digital Art Poster.

$100 Per Month — Founder Fan-Frikkin’-Tastics:
All the above plus a personal Shout-Out from one of our video celebrities!

One-time donation of $250 — Fab Friends of Founders
All the above plus Your Name in the final credits of an upcoming video!
(Be sure to uncheck “Make this donation every month” box for this reward.)

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